Recline Technologies is an idea backed by Two Lazy Brains.

At Recline, we define the laziness as not procrastinating the work but as not to do unless required. And exactly same applies to today's rapidly evolving technology as well.

Often a times people get excited by the buzz-words like AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, etc and change the track to wrong direction without doing enough research on their specific set of business requirements.

We help you understand what suits your business/product to make it more appealing to your customers rather than distracting you from the main stream.

Our experties lies more in avoiding problems than unneccessarily solving it. That's why we are proud to say that "Yes! we are LAZY".

What We Do

Optimize Every Touchpoint for the Product Experience

A quality of product is the most important factor for improving customer experience.
Don't compromise with it.


Research is the very first step that can't be avoided in order to think, build & implement quality product.
Without a research you might end creating problems to solve later, but with a little research, you can better avoid it.


Analyze not ony the functional requirements but also the non-functional requirement as well.
Including non-functional requirement has proven to improve the product quality for long run.


The flow of execution is not as simple as it is perceived most often.
Incorrect execution often leads to sever damage not only to product but to the whole business.
Choose wisely.

Audit Your Technology...
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